Hi, I’m Devon


What I do and why I do it are two completely separate things.

The What:

On the surface, what I do is make videos and write about living a better life.

I’m thinking about it, researching it, and experimenting along the way.

I’m visiting problems that have plague humanity across cultures, timelines. Problems that I have trouble with, that occupy conversations with my friends, that fascinate me.

I break the topic into categories that are lenses for me to look at esoteric subjects and break them down into actionable information that’s useful for daily life.

The Why:

On a deeper level, I do this because I fundamentally beleive that a better world starts with a better ME... and YOU.

Growth and circumventing our limitations is an inate human tendancy and can help everyone, and we all seem to face similar problems.

Hopefully together we can be healthier, happier, and better people for our children, significant other, and humanity at large.

My only help is that I am able to make information digestible, actionable and entertaining so we can all live better lives.

My Art: I take photos and make videos around the world to connect mankind in an instant. In the realist way it's the same reason I write.