I write and make videos.

Hi, I’m Devon.


I write and make films.

I’m spending 2019 rethinking what it means to live a good life and attempting to live it. I offer insights from my journey on my blog, Think Different, or in my weekly Minimalist Newsletter.

trying to figure out what it means to become the best version of myself.

Part of a new generation of knowledge seekers who prioritize reducing, simplifying, and focusing on what really matters. Along my journey, I inform and entertain.

Philosophy, Science and Art: Living a good life is as much an art as it is a science as it is up for debate. I draw from multiple areas of literature

Spent countless years trying to grow as a person. I am Tired of the lack of actionable advice on the Internet, and ability to view people growing. First hand reports of building this blog, managing my creative endeavors, and seeking wisdom. I’m the human guinea pig. I am trying to express my continuing journey of growth because you see, today, I am happy, healthy and strong, but two years ago I was far from it. I was much closer to lost than to found.

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Now it’s grown into so much more than that. I want to help inspire to create meaningful work and lead a life worth living.

I offer actionable advice for things within our control. around these topics: Philosophy, Psychology, Habits, Productivity.

“This is more than a blog, too. I publish notes on everything I learn from books, articles, speeches, and more”

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